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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Bowenpally

In this fast moving world the time plays an important role. Our busy life style does not allow cooking different delicious food so the option to save time is to cook the food in the fastest way with good taste. Microwave oven helps to compete with the world by saving time. It allows to heat food in less time and large amount of food can be prepared with less usage of time. Microwave oven is an electric device which converts the electric energy into the microwave radiation. This radiation helps the oven to cook food and heat the food. This microwave radiation heats the water molecules and then the food will get heat. The taste of food will not change even if it is cooked in the oven. The food will not lose its nutrition if we cook in the oven. Even the consumption of energy is less compared to any other electronic appliances. Bachelors will get more benefits from the microwave oven. Microwave oven helps to complete additional work while cooking. Even burning risk is also less in microwave oven compared to gas stoves. There will not be any problem while cleaning the microwave oven it is easy to clean and take less amount of place in the kitchen. If you get any issue then just call to our service center LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally

Types of microwave oven:

Solo microwave oven

Grill microwave oven

Convection microwave oven

Parts of microwave oven:

Magnetron tube

Stirrer fan

Front panel

Power cord

Problems of microwave oven:

No movement of plate inside the oven:

The food kept in the micro wave oven should be cooked all the side of the food stuff. But some time the plate inside the microwave will not rotate and because of that some part of the food will be raw like flesh. Check whether the rotating button is on or not. If the button is on but still the plate is not rotating inside the oven then there is a problem with the motor or mother board. Check whether the motor is fixed properly or not if the same problem is persist then log in a complaint to the LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally which is the best service center with trained technicians.

The fuse of the bulb got damaged:

If the bulb does not work in the microwave oven then it will be difficult to check whether the food is properly cooked or not. To solve the problem of bulb you need to turn off your microwave oven and then try to replace the bulb. Even if the bulb is blowing light then it will be problem socket or the insufficient voltage supply in the oven. To get light in your microwave oven or to know exact problem of your oven then just call to ourĀ  LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally and solve your problem.

Unresponsive buttons of microwave oven:

Microwave buttons are important to set the temperature and to cook the food and there will be different temperature setting for different recipes so it is important that all the buttons of microwave oven should be in working condition. If the buttons are not working it will be difficult to cook food and even you cannot start the microwave oven at all. The microwave button will be connected to the control panel and the main control board. To solve the problem of unresponsive buttons and to make your oven like before then just call to our LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally.

Sudden stop of microwave oven while heating:

If the oven stops in the middle while cooking or heating then it will be very difficult to understand the problem and even the food get stuck inside the oven which leads to wastage of food. This problem arises if there is a problem with the voltage supply or the damaged motor. To repair your oven motor login complaint or call our LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally

No heat production in the microwave oven:

If the food does not cook or cannot generate heat then there is no meaning of using the oven. The oven will not generate heat if there is any problem with the components of the oven like magnetron or the diode. As the common people will not have knowledge about these microwave oven components then you need to call the expert technician who can solve the issue within few hours. So here are the expert technicians in the LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally who can solve the problem within few hours.

Display of the microwave oven is not working:

If the display of the microwave oven will not work then there will be a problem for setting the temperature. Even you cannot understand whether the microwave oven is working or not. The display wires will be connected to the interior parts of microwave oven which we cannot understand. Otherwise try to turn off your oven for 2 minutes and then start if is displaying then no issue otherwise you need to take the help of the technicians. LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally helps you to track the guanine technicians.

Approach us:

If you are facing the problem with your microwave oven then our technicians are ready to help you to come out from these problems. You just have to login the complaint then our customer care executive will take some information related to you and then give the 6 digit code number which helps you to contact our technicians. Our technicians are guanine and will give 20 % discount on separate parts. They will explain you the problem and inform you about the damaged parts of your oven and tell the charges for the replacement of the spare parts. We offer warranty of 1 month on general issues and 90 days on spare parts. After 90 days these spare parts charges will be separate as the warranty becomes invalid. You can also login complaint directly to our website which is given below LG Microwave oven Repair Service in Bowenpally.

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