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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Hitech City

Microwave oven is an electrical device which is used to heat or cook food in less time. Microwave ovens are used in every home. In this electric appliance electromagnetic radiation is passed into food then food will heat. The microwave oven converts the electrical energy to thermal energy. Nowadays most of them were using this microwave oven to heat food. This appliance was used in the hotels and bakeries to heat food fast. But everyone is using this microwave oven in their homes. It increases the micro frequency in the oven because only thermal heat will increase.

Around 1920 the vacuum chamber was invented to heat the food. It exploits high frequency microwave radiation used to heat the food. Later it developed into a home appliance for home needs. This device works on the principle of electromagnetic radiation so it is called a microwave oven. In the microwave oven magnetrons are produced in the vacuum chamber it is introduced into food material that heat food. It generates a high frequency of electromagnetic waves so it increases the temperature in the oven. The first microwave oven was invented in the year of 1933. After a few years it developed into a home electronic appliance. Contact our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city

Types of microwave oven

Grill microwave oven

Convection microwave oven

Solo microwave oven

Over the range microwave oven

In built microwave oven

Problems of microwave oven

The oven is not heating

It stops while in operation

Plates are not spinning

Defeat of bulb in the oven

Sparks inside the oven

Buttons of the oven is not working

Our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city providing all types of service and repair of micro wave oven.

The oven is not heating

This is the most common problem by the microwave oven. Most of the people were facing this issue with the oven. The magnetrons are produced in the microwave oven. It increases the temperature in the oven if it is not produced in the microwave oven then heat is not introduced into food. Hence the microwave oven will not heat food. By this high electric energy is consumed by the oven. Magnetron will burn to solve this you need to replace the magnetron generator.

It stops while in operation

This type of problem is caused due to over flow of electricity into the microwave oven. If any fluctuation is happening in the microwave oven by that it stops during the operation.

Failed transmitter, faulty compressor, motor fan, touchpad defect etc will lead to this issue.

Plates are not spinning

The plates in the microwave oven are connected to the motor. That motor only rotates the plate in the oven. If the motor does not work properly then the plates in the oven will not spin. To solve this type of issue you can replace the motor. If the motor is working good then default raises in the control board.

Defect of bulb

The bulb will be affected by the overflow of electricity into the microwave oven. If the bulb is defected by over flow of electricity that bulb will be replaced. This bulb is present behind the grill of the oven if the food material is not placed properly by that bulb.

spark inside the oven

The spark inside the microwave oven is the most common issue. If spark will rise in the oven don’t think more it is a regular issue in the microwave oven. If the spark rises immediately, switch off the oven. For better performance you have to inspect your microwave oven.

Buttons are not working

This is also the most causing problem in the microwave oven. If the buttons should not work, the touchpad will be replaced. It is also founded due to the defect of the control board. It may be a defect of the panel in the oven. This panel will be replaced for better performance of the microwave oven.

Microwave oven is not working

Dear customer if the microwave oven is not working then immediately switch off your microwave oven and remove the plug from socket. Wait for a few seconds later and turn on the microwave oven. If it does not work then contact our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city

To Approach Us

To approach our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city, you can contact us and you should place your issue. Our employees will follow up on your issue within less time only. Our well experienced technicians solved your issue of the microwave oven.

Customers should give a valid contact number, alternative number, residential address, street name, locality, area, state name, pin code, landmark.

After your complaint our technician will reach the given residential address within 4 hours of time. They will solve your issue of the microwave oven. We will send well trained technicians to your home so they can solve any type of issue with your microwave oven.

Our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city is providing up to 20% of discount on all our service and repairs. And we also give the warranty on every service and repair for 30 days. If that issue again rises before 30 days. Our service center only solves that issue free of cost.

If our technician is not able to solve the problem, it is a major issue. Our service center transports your microwave oven to our service center and our microwave oven will be under control of well experienced technicians for 2-3 days after the repair we only deliver your microwave oven to your home. From our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city Transporting facilities are free of cost.

If any spare part in the microwave oven is damaged, our service center only provides all types of spare parts to your microwave oven. On that spare parts also, we are giving guarantee up to 90 days. If that same spare part is damaged again before 90 days, we will replace it free of cost. After 90 days of time that part will be chargeable.

We will allot 6 digits of redeem code by saying that code we can easily find what issue had been done in previous.

Dear customer, you can give your valuable comment and feedback on our service. You can also give ratings on our service.

Customers can also contact us on social media like face book, twitter, google plus, linked in. Customers can also approach directly our LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center Hitech city

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