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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Jagathgiri Gutta

Microwave oven has become the essential appliances of every household activity. Microwave oven makes the work easy and uses less energy of women and it saves the time of working women. With less amount of time we can prepare huge amount of food. It even helps in maintaining the health condition. It does produce any smoke and it does not create any tars and char. The chicken prepared in the oven will be tasty and softy inside and crispy outside. The microwave oven retains the health condition and the food will not get destroy for a longer time. The microwave oven takes less space in the kitchen but helps to prepare different tasty dishes and even it is very easy to clean. The best feature of microwave oven is it will turn off when food is cooked. No need to worry if forgets to turn off the oven and you can do another work while cooking and even you can enjoy music while cooking. The microwave oven helps to prepare food like cookies, mac and cheese, popcorn and even potato chips.

Types of microwave oven:

Solo microwave oven

These types of microwave will cook the food even inside. This oven will give benefit bachelors. It contains magnetron which cook food even inside. Solo microwave oven is suitable for reheating the cooked food and simple meals.

Grill microwave oven:

This will help to cook food like sandwiches, kebabs, meat, Tandoori chicken, noodles, pizzas, burgers and many non-vegetarian items.

Convection microwave oven

Parts of microwave oven:

Power converter

Voltage capacitor

Induction heating

Issues of microwave oven:

Microwave oven cannot heat metal container:

The main problem with microwave oven is it does not heat when metal container or plastic glass are kept inside the oven. The metal containers will reflect the radio wave and it don’t allow the metal or plastic to heat up and cook food. If you kept the metal container by mistake then immediately take out the container and try to call the LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta.

Microwave cannot heat oil:

The microwave oven cannot heat oil as it contains the molecules which reflect the radio wave and it turns in crystal form. If anyone by mistakes kept oil in the microwave oven then the oven will not send the radio wave which may lead to damage to oven. The motor will send the heat waves if the oil is kept. If the oven is not heating up then login a complaint to LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta

Microwave tray won’t turn:

Inside the microwave oven there is a tray which can be taken out to keep the food and it should be fitted properly after taking out the tray. The food should be arranged properly on the tray otherwise the tray won’t go inside the oven. The tray should not be given to children. The tray should get clean after every use and kept inside the oven. If the tray got stuck inside the oven and broken then you need to call the LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta to help you to come out of this problem.

Sparking inside the microwave:

If you find any sparking light inside the microwave then first switch off the microwave oven and try to open the door of the micro wave oven and if possible check the problem. If you do not understand the problem then try to call the LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta who will be ready to offer the service. This problem will arise due to the reason of damaged wave guide cover and damaged rack support inside the oven.

Keypad does not work:

The buttons on the keypad will not work if the child lock is active. So try to deactivate the child lock button and if the keypad is still not responding then unplug the microwave oven for 2 – 3 minutes and then plug in microwave oven and use the keypad if it is still not responding then  there is a same problem  with the keypad which can be explained by the technician so our LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta technicians are ready to explain you the problem and they will try to solve the issue.

Microwave oven cooks incorrect:

The food stuff in the microwave oven should be arranged in a proper way in a tray and the door should be closed properly. The temperature must be fixed according to the quantity of food and type of food which you are preparing. After all this precautions still if your microwave is not cooking food properly there may be an issue the motor or the spin or the wiring system of your oven. To make your microwave ready to cook food then call our LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta that will solve the issue and make your oven like new.

About our service center:

To overcome all the issues of LG microwave oven here our trained technicians are available to solve all your LG microwave problems. To contact our technicians, you just need to call to the LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta branch then our customer executive will take some of your details and then register your complaint by giving 6-digit job sheet numbers. Our technician will reach your house and check the problem and then tell you the problem of your oven and he will explain you the damaged spare part. Our technician will tell the charges for spare parts replacement and if the customer agrees for the charges then our technician will start the repair and he will also provide 20% discount on spare part and that spare parts will be guanine and long lasting. Our technician provides warranty of 1 month on the general service and 90 days on the spare parts. LG microwave oven repair service in Jagathgiri gutta guanine and warranty service with time limit.

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