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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Kompally

Microwave oven has become the basic necessary of every household activity. With the advancement of technology, the Microwave oven is introduced with smart invertor technology which is very convenient for the customers to use and different model are available in the market with different features which help to cook different food items within few seconds. Microwave oven is very helpful for the busy people. Microwave oven perform multitasking kitchen essentials.

With the use of the microwave oven the wall of our kitchen will not get dirty as the oven will not generate the fume or fire like traditional gas stove. This microwave oven is useful for quick heating or slow preparing foodstuffs. The microwave oven is used for boiling potatoes, eggs or streaming the veggies with unique accessory of stainless-steel container and it also generate unique taste for different dishes. The microwave oven will suit for small kitchen also.

Types of Microwave oven:

Solo microwave oven

Grill microwave oven

Convection microwave oven

Parts of Microwave oven:

Magnus microwave fuse

Microwave oven transformer

Turntable motor and capacitor

Cavity magnetron

Issues of Microwave oven:

Weird sound while cooking:

The microwave oven will give low and balanced sound while cooking but if the sound is more or noisy then there is some problem with your microwave oven then it will be time of investigating about the messy sound. This sound may be due to rattling or clanking problem. If this is the issue you need to check the problem otherwise It may to fire or sparks. In this case you have to login complaint to LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally.

The switch button is automatically turning on and off:

It is danger if the oven gets on and off automatically with our human involvement. It may create fire if the same situation continues. This problem will come if there is any trouble in the heat sensor panel or improper functioning of the control panel. It even creates problem while cooking and the food may cook properly. To solve this trouble, you have to login a complaint to LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally Which is guanine and fastest service center.

The doors that does not close completely:

Microwave oven doors should use carefully if the doors get any trouble then the oven cannot get any repair the only solution is to replace the oven. If the screw of the doors is loose or anything got stuck in the doors then it can be repaired. The heat may not pass properly in the microwave oven if the doors are not closed properly. to cook the food. if the doors are not working properly then the heat radiation get problem as outside heat will also enter into the oven. If the doors are not getting closed then call LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally.

Cooking takes more time than normal:

If the oven is not preparing the food then it is the trouble of uneven distribution of heat. The heat radiation may not supply properly due to uneven supply of voltage or the magnetron is not functioning properly. Sometimes the circuit board will also file an issue. The circuit board will have connection with the heat radiation in the microwave oven. If the problem continuous you require the help of technician to solve the issue or to fix a new spare part of the oven. So here we are to help you to come out from this problem you just require to call LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally.

Microwave oven does not cook the food completely:

Even after setting the temperature to get the food cook then also the oven is not cooking food completely. Then there is an issue with your microwave oven. The temperature or the heat generating motor is not working properly. The transformer may not pass the heat in balance even the temperature to cook the food is correctly entered. It may be the issue of the button which sets the temperature so try to check the button and if necessary, replace the button. Even after replacing the button or checking all the issues if there is no change in working condition of the oven then take the help of the technicians and for the trained technicians you have to login LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally.

Less electricity consumption:

The microwave oven consumes less unit of electricity and it will not use much voltage power. Microwave power is measured in watts. If the microwave oven is consuming more energy then there is a problem with your oven and to get repair your oven call our LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally.

Approach us:

Here we are to solve all the issues of your electronic microwave oven. Simply you need to call our phone number or login a complaint then our customer care executive will take the details like your name, address, phone number to contact and land mark and these details will be given to our technicians so that our technician can reach you easily with in few hours without any trouble.  Our technicians are trained and they inspect the problem of your appliances and explain you about the destruction of your microwave oven and inform you about the charges and price for spare parts and they also offer 20 % discount on separate parts. Our technicians are expert in repairing all the household electronic appliances of different brand which are of different features.  If the customer is satisfied for the charges then our technician will start the work and he will give you the bill. The LG Microwave oven Repair service in Kompally offer 3 months warranty for the spare parts and 1-month warranty for the general service. Our technicians offer door to door service with branded spare parts and guanine service. Even you can login simply by clicking on the website given below.

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