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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Kondapur

In modern society the Micro wave oven has become the most important appliances of every kitchen. Microwave defined as electromagnetic waves for cooking, reheating cooked food, baking the cakes and toast. Micro wave oven maintains the nutrient of the food. They are very helpful for the women who earns and it saves the energy of the women. Microwave oven saves the time of the women and energy. We use the microwave oven to cook different delicious dishes like pastries, cakes, veg rice and many bakery items. LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur. is ready to help you to solve all the issues of your oven.


Solo microwave oven

Grill microwave oven

Convection microwave oven


Micro Switch

Micro wave Grease filter

Light bulb

Air duck bracket


Microwave oven not Turning ON:

The microwave oven will not start if there is any issue related to the circuit wires.  The voltage has to pass in balance form otherwise the microwave oven may not start. The socket used to plug in the microwave oven should be of good quality. The food items should be placed in the microwave oven of good quality. LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur.

Microwave oven not heating:

The magnetron failure will be the cause of not heating which leads to the issue of frequency not supply properly in the microwave oven. The microwave oven should not Turn ON when it is empty and it should not move from one place to another when it is ON. When the problem is related to the magnetron the damaged magnetron can be replaced it cannot be repaired. In this case our LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur is available to solve your problem.

Microwave plate oven does not spin:

The spinning plates will rotate inside the microwave oven when you turn ON the oven. The motor helps to rotate the spinning plates and check whether the glass table is fixed properly or not. Our LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur is ready to help you to come out from this problem.

Light bulb does not Turn ON:

When the doors of microwave oven are open the light bulb will not work or it will not get ON. Even when the doors of oven is closed but light bulb does not get ON it will be the problem of control board and sometimes the socket may not supply the circuit properly. Check the supply of current and try to clean the oven and motor of the oven if the same problem persists then call our LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur.

Fans starts when the doors are open and closes when it stops:

 The problem will arise if the control board is not working properly. The door hook and the door button will be the reason for this issue. Check the door button is in working condition or not. If the problem is not getting solve then login a complaint to our LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur.

Microwave oven smells after cooking:

Sometimes you can observe some sort of smell or smoke from the microwave oven when it is working. This may be due to different issues like arcing or high voltage transformer or non functioning of the motor. In case of smell try to clean the oven with warm water and if the smoke is blowing more first unplug the oven and as early as possible try to call the LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur who will solve the issue within few hours.

Microwave oven makes loud sound:

When the oven makes noise more loudly then usually it makes. It will be the issue of stirrer motor or exhaust fan motor. When there is any trouble with these motor then it will create more sound. If you continue your oven with the sound then it creates more problems to your oven so try to call the LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur.

Microwave oven catches fire:

The microwave oven will catch fire if the there is no supply of voltage properly. In some areas the voltage will pass properly so this will also be the reason for the issue of catching fire to your oven. You need clean the oven after every use and you need unplug the oven if the work is finished with the oven.

About our service center:

In our service center our technicians can solve all the problems related to LG Microwave oven. To avail our services, you just need to login a complaint to LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur then we will give the 6-digit code known as job sheet number. Then our customer care executive will take some of your personal details and send to our technicians then our technicians will get ready for your service. Our technicians are well trained by professional only. Our technicians will offer door to door service.

Ways to approach our service center:

LG Microwave oven repair service in Kondapur is available with trained technicians. After you login the complaint our technicians will be there with in few hours to offer the services. They will check the issue and tell you the problem of your oven and explain you which part of your oven got damage and for the replacement of spare parts he will tell you charges. If the customer is ready to get repair there oven at the price told by the technicians then our technician will start the repair work at that time only. Our technician will give you 1 month of warranty for general service and 90 days of warranty for spare parts. If 90 days is completed there will not be any warranty because it becomes invalid. You can also approach our technicians by given link below.

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