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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet

Microwave ovens are invented to reduce our work in day to day life. In this busy world where we are unable to cook the food frequently, where we restore the cooked food and consume. These microwave ovens are helpful in reheating the cooked food very fastly within minutes. Microwave Ovens have became an essential appliance in our life.They make our work easier. Example, if we cook on the gas stove, we need to frequently check the food whether it is cooked or not. In the place of gas stove, if we replace the microwave ovens, we need not check the food whether it has been cooked or not. We can just set the time in the ovens and can continue our alternate work. It does it work and doesn’t spoil our food

It also keeps our kitchen clean. As you already know that our gas stoves produce lot of smoke which spoils the walls of our kitchens. But, these microwave ovens don’t create any problem regarding the cleanliness. That’s the reason these microwave ovens and kitchens are becoming the best friends now-a-days. They are also used for baking the cakes, pastries etc. Regarding the microwave ovens, if you find any problem, you can contact us through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.


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Mostly, all the microwave ovens consist of 3 door switches. A failure in any of these could result in the prevention of the produced by the microwave ovens. There will be a need in the replacement of the defective door switches. This replacement can be done by our professionally trained technicians through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.

Another reason can also be due to the issue of magnetron failure or high voltage diode failure. These both the parts play an essential role in providing the heat to the microwave oven. Issues with either of these parts can let the microwave prevention of producing. The defective parts need to be replaced so that the oven can produce heat and cook food. For this replacement, you can feel free to contact our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.


If you have set the time for coking, and removed the dish from the microwave oven after the completion of the time limit that have set earlier, but you found that your food is not cooked properly, then there might be an issue with the magnetron or high voltage diode. High voltage diode provides sufficient energy to the Magnetron by using the power from the electricity. May be your high voltage diode is not supplying the sufficient energy to the magnetron, or else the magnetron needs repair. Another issue might also be from the switchboard.

But if the magnetron or the high voltage diode needs any repair or any spare parts need to be replaced, then you can take help from our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet. We provide the best services to you as we have the best trained technicians available.


You can find the light-bulb inside the microwave oven which is placed behind the grill. It turns on when the microwave oven starts operating. You become blindfolded if that bulb is not working. Nothing seems to be correct if that bulb doesn’t light up. You feel uneasy to cook or heat the food. The reason for your light-bulb not turning on when the microwave runs, think that it may have fused. Then the replacement of the bulb can solve your problem. For this kind of replacement, you can contact our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.

After replacing of the bulb is not solving your problem and you observed still your light-bulb is not turning on while the operation of your microwave, then the reason might be due to the faulty bulb socket. Check for the continuity of your socket. If there is no continuity, then you need to replace the socket. But if there is continuity, then the reason may due to the default of bad wiring.

If there is no problem in your socket, wiring or your bulb .Then the problem may be due to the default in the main control board. You can definitely feel uneasy in the replacement of any of these things. So for your safety and convenience, if you want to see your light-bulb glow when the microwave runs, you can directly contact our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.


When you have completed cooking or heating the food in your microwave oven and turned the switch off, but you find the microwave oven started by itself when you close the door. For this, there are 3 reasons.

Firstly, the control panel which provides voltage to the cooking components may be faulty. Default in the control panel will provide voltage even when the switch is off. Make sure that it is replaced immediately for the proper functioning of your microwave oven. Secondly, the switches or boards may be faulty which is causing your microwave oven turning of your microwave oven by itself. So they need to be replaced for the proper functioning of your microwave oven. Finally, default in the membrane keypad which is causing your microwave oven automatically turn on.

Fault in any of these parts result in the microwave turning on when its door is already closed. So you need to replace the faulty one. For this kind of services, you can contact us through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.


The best services, which are provided by us are for the repair of your microwave ovens. For any kind of repairs in your microwave ovens, you can contact us through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Nizampet.

The thing you need to do is just contact us through the phone numbers given below through our website. If you do so, our customer care executives will lift the call and ask details like name of the customer, residential address, problem of the appliance, landmark location. Your details are noted by them, and are forwarded to the particular type of technician. The professionally trained technician will approach to you. He will give a 6 digit code job sheet number to the customer and when the problem is repeated, the customer care people will ask the 6 digit code job sheet number to solve the doubts of the customer. Then he will check the problem of the product and he will explain it briefly to the customer including the charges. If the customer is ready to take the services, then repairing of any of the faulty parts are replaced.

To satisfy the customers, we are providing 20% discount on every spare part 1 month warranty is given to the general services and 3 months warranty for the replaced spare parts.

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