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LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Suchitra

In these days, Microwave Ovens has become the main kitchen appliance. It is used to cook food within less time and reheat the cooked food which was cooked earlier. its main specialty is to retain the nutrients in the food where as we can’t retain the nutrients if we cook on gas stove. They are also used for rapid heating otherwise slowly prepared cooking food items kike hot butter, fats, and chocolate. The thing we must appreciate about the microwave ovens is we need not check the food whether it is cooked or not. Just we have to set the time and leave it like that. It does its work and doesn’t let the food to spoil.

It can help in the process of defrosting any food item you need .It is also used for baking purposes without creating any mess and that’s the reason we find these microwave ovens in the bakeries. It also consumes less oil which is good for our health. The main purpose of our service is through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra, we are going to give a best repair, if you have any problem with your microwave ovens.


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If you first set the microwave on and keep some dish inside to cook and close the door after setting the time limit, and your microwave oven starts and stops within few seconds despite the time limit you have set it for. The reason for your microwave shutting off within seconds after switching on may be due to the defect in the door switches. Sometimes arching or overheating of door switches prevent the microwave running efficiently. Microwave oven shuts if the seal or gasket is broken. For the proper functioning of your microwave oven, the door switches of your oven need to be sealed tightly. If microwave oven has a broken seal, then the functioning would stop thinking that the door is still open.

So the repair is needed in the door seal. For this type of repairs, you can contact us through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.


Generally, during the process of cooing or heating the food, we hear small noises from our microwave ovens. Instead of small sounds, if microwave is making loud noises like scrapping, buzzing or humming, then there might be problem in the functioning of any of the parts below.

The cooling fan which is present at the backside of your microwave oven may be faulty or defective which may be a reason for the loud noises of your microwave oven. To prevent the loud noises form your oven, then it must be repaired. For this, you can directly contact us through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.

But if there is no fault in the cooling fan, then there might be a fault in the drive motor which helps the plate rotate. If it is defective, then it must be replaced with a new one to prevent the loud noises. For such kind of repair, you can take services from our website through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.


In the case of you turned the switch on but your microwave oven is not responding, that means it is dead. This happens due to the defect in the Line Fuse, which blows if the excess of the current is used by any of the microwave components. This fuse is easily replaceable but the thing is you need a technician. For the repair, you can contact us through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.

But, if you don’t find any problem with your line fuse, then there might me defects in the other parts like high voltage capacitor, diode, magnetron or transformer. But these problems or defects could not be identified by you. Better you meet a technician for any kind of repairs in your microwave ovens. For any such kind of issues, contact our services through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.


If there is a sparking in your oven, then the first reason might be the paints on the walls inside the oven may have been chipped. This type of sparking you can observe near rack supports, where you can see the paint has been worn out leaving the bare metal exposed out. If you wan to reduce the sparks, then you have to cover the metal spots which have been exposed due to chipping with the microwave safe paint.

If the sparks are produced in the microwave oven at the time of operation, then another reason for it would also be due to the defective wave guide. Then you must replace the good one for the prevention of sparks in your microwave oven. This service you can receive from us through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.


The main use of the tray which is present in our microwave ovens is to supply the even heat to the food kept on it through the rotatory motion. The rotator motion is provided to the tray by the drive motor.

The faults in the drive motor will prevent the tray of the microwave oven from spinning. This results in the poor cooking of food. You can also find the uneven cooking of the food where you can observe one side cooked fully and leaving the side uncooked.

Your problem can be resolved if your drive motor is replaced. For such kind of issues, you can directly contact us through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.


We are here to provide the best services to you at your door step. If you are having any problem regarding your microwave ovens, then don’t worry. Any kind of repair is done by us through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra.

If any customer is willing to take any such kind of services from us, you can contact us through the given phone numbers below in the page of our website through LG Microwave Repair Service in Suchitra. If you contact us, we take details like the name of the customer, address of place, landmark location, problem of the appliance etc. our customer care executives note the details of the customer and they will give the details to the particular type of technician. He will arrive to the place of the customer. Then he will give a 6 digit job sheet number because if the repairs are repeated, the customer care people will ask the 6 digit job sheet number and will explain the doubts of the customer.

The technician will check the exact problem of the appliance and will explain to the customer. He will also inform the charges the customer needs to pay. If the customer is willing to take the services then the technician would start repairing the product.

To satisfy the customers, we are providing them, 20% discount on each spare part. There will be 1-month warranty for the general services and 3 months warranty for the spare parts that have been replaced.

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