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Whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri

Now-a-days, we find the closest friend of the kitchen is Microwave Oven. The reason for this is the Microwave ovens make the work easier for us. Cooking the food on gas stove may not be that easier because it takes much time. In this busy world, where we have to even plan a time table when to cook and when to eat, these Microwave ovens are saving our valuable time. That’s the reason why these microwave ovens are becoming the closest friends to every kitchen.

They are used for cooking the food within minutes. They are mainly used to reheat the food which was cooked earlier. You can also restore the crunchiness in your chips by placing it in these ovens. The microwave oven works as an excellent proffer. Are you wasting the time for squeezing lemon? From now don’t waste your time. You can just put the lemon in the microwave oven just for a minute, and then see it makes your lemon juicy and makes your work easier. But if you are having any trouble with your microwave ovens may be in its functioning or any repairs, we are here to provide you the best services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.


Solo Microwave Oven

Grill Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven


Cavity Magnetron

Magnetron Control Circuit

Short waveguide

Metal Cooking Chamber



In a microwave oven, sparks are appeared due to the effect of the mineral acting like the tiny pieces of metal. This results in the sparking as the microwaves reflect or bounce off the metal

Small arcing doesn’t harm the food but it results in the food not heating thoroughly. The excess arcingcan damage the microwave oven’s Magnetron tube.

In such type of issues, you can directly contact us and take the best services from us through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.


As you always expect that the turntable inside your microwave oven spins when your food is placed inside. It is used for providing even heat to the food kept inside the oven. If u have noticed that your turntable is not spinning, then there are three solutions.

Firstly, be sure that your turntable is free to move. See that nothing is obstructing the movement of it inside the oven.Secondly; make sure that the glass tube is set in the proper position.Finally, see that your turntable is set to “on”. After following these three tips, again if your turntable is not spinning, then there might be a problem with your turntable motor. May be it needs repair. For such kind of issue; you can contact us through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.


If u feel like smell is coming from the microwave oven from few days after cooking the food then, it could not be a problem. But, if dirty smell of meal like smell if you sense form a week, then remember it’s not a big issue and you need not worry.

You just need to clean the cavity of your microwave oven with hot, soapy water. Then observe the results. If your issue is not solved after cleaning, then you need to replace the filter. But this is not easy for you. You can just contact us for this type of issue through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.


If u sense like smoke is coming from your microwave while cooking, then there may be issues due to arcing as arcing produces smoke. But, in your observation, there is no arcing produced in your oven, there might be an issue regarding the non-functioning of high voltage transformer.

It does an essential work in any of the microwave oven by providing the required energy to the magnetron. The magnetron takes the energy and produces heat in the microwave oven to cook the food. If you see smoke from your oven then there might be the repair in the high voltage transformer. For the repair and any services, we are ready to provide the best services to you. You can directly contact our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.


We, here are to provide our best services to you regarding the problems of your microwave ovens through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri. We provide a door to door service by our professionally trained technicians.

To satisfy the customers, we give them 20% discount on every spare part. If you face any problem related to your microwave oven, you can contact us through the link provided by us through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri. We assure you that there will be a warranty given for 30 days on our general services and 90 days for the every spare part.


If your microwave needs to be repaired, and you are searching for the best services that provides you at your door step. Then you need not be worried. You just contact our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.

You can contact us through the phone numbers which are provided by us below through our website LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri. If you contact us, our customer care executives receive your call and they ask your details like your name, residential address, problem of your appliance, your exact landmark location etc. Our executives will note your details given by you. Then the details are forwarded to the particular type of technician who is professionally trained. He will arrive to your address of place. He will give a 6 digit job sheet number to the customer so that, if customer has any doubts the technician can clarify. Then he will check the problem of your microwave oven and he will explain it to the customer. After that, he will tell you the charges you have to pay and the extra charges if any spare parts have been replaced.

So, for the repairs of your Microwave Oven you just need to contact our services through LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Tirumalagiri.

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